Independent Sleeping vs. Co-sleeping

There is more than one “right way” to do most things. However, what your “right way” may not be another momma’s “right way.” It’s time to stop judging mommas for their choices and start appreciating our different approaches. Your parental passions and convictions may not match up with others and that is OK. Let go of selling your mommy views and avoid pressuring other mommas to see it your way. Embrace their journey as well as your own even if you don’t understand your differences. Too often I witness mom shaming and blaming mostly because mommas and sometimes even professionals tend to believe that their way is the only way. That is not OK, and more importantly, it is not true. […]

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Energy Balls

I am not sure where this recipe originated, it has been bounced around from momma to momma, but these yummy treats are great for new moms or any busy mom on the go. I made these for momma Michelle frequently while working with her. She got the recipe from her momma friend, Kylene, whose adorable [...]

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