For the last decade, Emily Kaye, founder of The Momma Hop, has dedicated her time and attention to families as they welcomed newborn babies into their home as a Postpartum Doula. During that time, Emily armed her clients with the necessary tools to survive those harrowing early days by implementing simple, individualized, and practical systems in a loving way.

Because of the personal nature of her work, especially the relationships built during those intimate days, Emily often was often given the opportunity to assist clients as a caregiver following the postpartum period to growing families. The demand and request for more of The Momma Hop, inspired her to launch a service to support the needs of her clients. Facing the idea of growth along with the challenge of keeping the service personal and care at top quality, a new direction was born.

As much as the hands-on service has been a major part of her career, Emily’s guidance and emotional support allowed her to become a trusted resource whom families can bounce off their worries and concerns, all while managing the household flow. Her reassuring presence in these moments created the opportunity to teach parents how to build their personal family foundation and find what works best for them to reach personal goals.

Realizing the new normal of this world today, it is now more than ever important to build a community and a platform to support families and their children. So, in response to her clients’ most requested service of lending the wisdom of her empathetic ear, Emily is now offering more than an extra set of hands by becoming available to families, virtually, at a time when they need it the most.

The experience she has gained as well as the inspiration from her clients has laid the groundwork for building the success of The Momma Hop. In gratitude, Emily’s love and passion to help families leaves them walking away with confidence and a plan to establish peace and balance in their home. Emily is now just a few clicks away from being a part of your village today.

“Remember, whatever you’re facing, breathe and always be kind and forgiving to yourself. Parenting is hard work, but can be the most rewarding experience with the right kind of support. Thank you for taking on the most important job in the world.”

With Love & Gratitude,