For ten years, Emily Flowers, founder of The Momma Hop, has worked closely with families throughout Louisville as they welcomed newborns into their home. After ten years of learning and understating the needs of new and experienced parents, Emily is now offering Louisville’s premier concierge- serving as a reassuring presence for families moving through life’s transitions.

At a very early age, Emily recognized her natural ability to nurture and care for loved ones, often being referred to as “little momma” as a tween. She raised both her daughter and son while living away from family, surviving those years with very little help.

Emily realized that there had to be many more families out there craving an extra hand or an encouraging, knowledgeable resource as they started down their own path. Over time, Emily found that family and friends were always asking for her “momma advice,” and she quickly saw how the support that her knowledge gave them could impact both their personal and family lives in a positive way.

Inspired by the encouragement received by those close to her, Emily became a certified Postpartum Doula. After learning from her clients over the last several years, Emily developed an all-encompassing service, The Momma Hop, designed to meet the needs of families as they move through life’s expected and sometimes unexpected events. Her favorite lesson she has learned from her clients is the value and importance of meeting families exactly where they are during transitional times in their lives and helping ease them through that transition with grace and love.

The Momma Hop quickly becomes a kind, sensitive and reassuring presence in the home and a part of your village forever.