4moms is on a roll with creating fantastic infant products. Alyssa’s choice for baby Jack is their 4moms infant tub (Jack also loves his MamaRoo ).


I love this bath because it fits well over standardized sinks for easy bathing in the beginning and transitions to your bathtub when you’re ready. It has a temperature gauge and allows you to drain and refill water easily if baby leaves a surprise in the water for you-one of Alyssa’s favorite features. Now, there’s only clean water for baby Jack without having to stop the entire bathing process to clean the tub! This would be considered the Mercedes version of infant bathing.

Momma Hop suggestion:

It would be beneficial to purchase a newborn bathing sponge to add to this product while bathing newborns. The tub is a little large for brand new babies, a sponge will help secure your baby until they grow into their tub.