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Establishing supply: Breastfeeding

I’ve noticed a trend among families coming home from the hospital with their baby. They tell me that they have been advised to use a breast pump between feedings in an attempt to increase milk supply. Although I believe hospitals mean well by giving this advice, I’m not so sure it is helping get things off to a [...]

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Dual-Purpose Yoga Socks

Often times when I enter a client's home, they prefer I remove my shoes. Most of my clients have hard wood floors and I became overly aware that socks were too slippery for the surface and that made me uncomfortable carrying their small babies around and not feeling steady on my feet, especially when they [...]

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Ursala’s Bath for Kellen

I LOVE this little bath tub, my client Ursala used this for her son Kellen and he loved it too.  It's small, grows with baby, affordable (UNDER $20) and easy to clean! It can be used in your tub or if you have a farm sink in your kitchen, it fits in there as well. [...]

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Alyssa’s Bath for Jack

4moms is on a roll with creating fantastic infant products. Alyssa's choice for baby Jack is their 4moms infant tub (Jack also loves his MamaRoo ).   I love this bath because it fits well over standardized sinks for easy bathing in the beginning and transitions to your bathtub when you're ready. It has a temperature gauge and allows [...]

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Food for Thought: Breastfeeding

It's easy for new moms to get caught up in all the information posted by friends and professionals providing you with evidenced-based research on certain ideologies and the promotion of fixing problems rather than addressing them when it comes to your baby and breastfeeding. Propaganda. I have a hunch these things will be recognized as [...]

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Independent Sleeping vs. Co-sleeping

There is more than one “right way” to do most things. However, what your “right way” may not be another momma’s “right way.” It’s time to stop judging mommas for their choices and start appreciating our different approaches. Your parental passions and convictions may not match up with others and that is OK. Let go of [...]

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Energy Balls

I am not sure where this recipe originated, it has been bounced around from momma to momma, but these yummy treats are great for new moms or any busy mom on the go. I made these for momma Michelle frequently while working with her. She got the recipe from her momma friend, Kylene, whose adorable [...]

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7 Easy Meals for New Moms from Trader Joe’s

One thing I love about working with my clients is that I learn as much from them as they say they do from me. It's the best part of my job.  Momma Michelle is passionate about the food that she buys, she loves food documentaries, smoothies, and  making healthy organic meals for her family. She is quite [...]

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Product of the Month

Choosing baby products can be difficult with (t00) many options to sift through and not enough information on what to buy and what to leave on the shelf.  Over the years, I have taken notes of products my clients have in their home that I have found practical, easy to use, and worth an endorsement! Momma recommended, [...]

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