Empower~ Empower yourself and mommas around you. We are all different on our journeys, make different choices, but ultimately all have the same goal. To be awesome. No one way is the right way, empower mommas by supporting and meeting them on their journey.

Embrace~ Reinforce your way is the best way to approach parenthood. Embrace our differences in our approaches, choices, & decisions. Feel confident in yourself and your choices.

Let GO~ There is too much stress and presssure revolved around being perfect. Let it go~ none of us are. Somehow no matter how much time and energy you put into your approach, one day your kids grow up and find their own way and make waves just as you did.

Food for Thought: Breastfeeding

It's easy for new moms to get caught up in all the information posted by friends and professionals providing you with evidenced-based research on certain ideologies and the promotion of fixing problems rather than addressing them when it comes to your baby and breastfeeding. Propaganda. I have a hunch these things will be recognized as [...]

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Independent Sleeping vs. Co-sleeping

There is more than one “right way” to do most things. However, what your “right way” may not be another momma’s “right way.” It’s time to stop judging mommas for their choices and start appreciating our different approaches. Your parental passions and convictions may not match up with others and that is OK. Let go of [...]

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