Your personal Momma Hop is there to help you develop and settle into your new routine.


Starter Hop

An exclusive offer available to expecting parents before the baby arrives! Let the Momma Hop get you started off on the right foot with this package. We will help with anything from getting baby clothes washed and organized, clearing cabinets for baby products, setting up baby equipment, getting the nursery together and leaving you with systems for your success- BEFORE you bring your little one home!


The Original Hop

Imagine the first week home with your newborn. Chances are you will be excited, exhausted, unsure, sleep deprived… maybe all of the above! The reality is your newborn sleeps, eats 12 times a day, and of course, requires burping, playing, diaper changes, cuddles and more!

If this is your first, or you are going to conquer all of this with other little ones already at home, a bit of assistance could go a long way! Your personal Momma Hop is there to help you develop and settle into your new routine.


Drop-In Hop

The Momma Hop can help in a pinch! Our drop-in service is designed to fill in for nannies who get sick or go on vacation, daycares that close during the work week, anyone visiting the city, families relocating to Louisville who have kids in tow, move-in help after relocation or if you simply just need a break for the day without committing to full or part time care.


Travel Hop

Enjoy a family vacation with The Momma Hop. Traveling can be tough, especially if you are traveling long distances with multiple children. The Momma Hop has designed this service to offer travel assistance for families looking to make their vacation run smoothly with a pro. The kids won’t miss you, we promise.


Soul Hop

Bereavement care service designed for grieving families facing unexpected loss. The Momma Hop has designed this package for families who need love and care during this difficult time. We offer confidential support and a healing touch to families affected by the sudden and unexpected loss.



Often times things come up and you have no one to offer support at the time of day you need it. This confidential advice line is for parents of all ages and is open to anyone who needs a quick chat.


Contact Emily at to customize a package and Build-A-Hop of your own.

Don’t forget the option to Gift-A-Hop to your favorite family.

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